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What Duct Cleaning Can and Can't Accomplish

Cleaning Ceiling Air Duct
When you contact a duct cleaning company, you probably know your air ducts need help. But you may wonder which part of your ducts' problems the cleaning will fix and which problems will require other services. Here are some tips on what to and what not to expect from a duct cleaning.
Duct Cleaning Can Remove Mold From HVAC
Ducts handle all the air in your house. Therefore, anything that spreads by air, such as mold spores, ends up inside the air ducts. This means that, when you have a mold problem in your house, the air ducts can help the mold spread from room to room and can even provide a home for mold to grow inside the ducts.
This also means that even after you've cleaned up the visible mold, you may still have mold spores in your ducts. They'll even travel to other parts of the house, seeking out good habitats to proliferate in.
Obviously, a duct cleaning is in order here. Professional cleaning will help remove any lurking dust layers that may have mold spores hiding within. Then, when your AC or furnace blows air through the ducts, the air won't pick up and distribute latent mold problems.
Duct Cleaning Can't Exterminate Pests
Duct cleaning can get out any pests currently in the ductwork. Unfortunately, many pests in your AC ducts simple use them as a highway. For example, ants could travel the ducts to find your kitchen or dining room, pick up food, and then traverse the ducts home again.
This means that cleaning out the ducts won't actually exterminate the problem. The ants back at the nest will still be fine, and they won't mind using a newly cleaned duct system to get to where they're going.
In many cases, you'll need to arrange for a duct cleaning in addition to paying for an exterminator's services. Exterminate the pests first, and then have a professional clean your ducts professionally cleaned.
Duct Cleaning Can Improve Air Quality
Removing all the mold spores, dust, and other gunk that a good duct cleaning tackles will help improve the quality of the air that gets around your house. Although the air intake has a filter, the outflow doesn't, so dust that's already inside ducts can still end up in the air you breathe.
Of course, installing the best filter on your air intake vents and changing those filters frequently is also crucial. This is a great way to avoid getting a big pileup of dust inside your vents again anytime in the near future.
Duct Cleaning Can't Make Up for Neglect
If you don't install air filters in your air intake vents, or if you never change those filters, periodic duct cleaning will be necessary. However, it won't really be able to make up for the neglect. The air you breathe from day to day will still be dusty, meaning you'll still be living with lower indoor air quality.
Duct Cleaning Can Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms
Because it helps to remove the pollutants from inside your ducts, duct cleaning can be great for people with allergies. If your current indoor air quality is such that you've experienced symptoms from your hay fever or asthma, you should consider cleaning your ducts. 
And using higher-end HVAC filters is extremely important as well. Instead of getting the most affordable option, choose filters with dense accordion folds designed to filter out allergens such as pollen and dust. Just remember, neither duct cleaning nor expensive filters are any substitute for allergy medication or medical treatment.
These guidelines will help you develop reliable expectations when you hire a company such as Covington Air Systems, Inc., for your professional duct cleaning. Get in touch today to learn more about our services and receive a free estimate.